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Love that Surpasses Understanding

There is a love that surpasses all understanding: in it, there is no fear, no pain, and no anxiety. There’s only peace. When you know, when you know what you know, and when you experience this kind of love–you become free! It’s not easy to know it. It starts with a hint of grace, a touch of serenity. Words can’t describe it. You must feel blessed. You must be having a moment–a light bulb, moment. When that moment comes, hold onto it! It doesn’t stay around.

Pretty soon evil will try and resurface itself: the anger, the hurt, the confusion, and the anxieties. But you know what I’ve learned? Evil cannot last for very long. No matter how hard it tries to make its home! It diminishes itself because love is stronger. There is no comparison. It’s the power of humans connecting.

It occurs when someone comes in and saves your life. Okay, that may be extreme but it applies! It is in the simple gestures, a friendly hello, thoughtful words, the warmth of a hug, or the compassion in a smile. The fear vanishes, the pain goes away, and the anxieties leave.

You realize you took a giant leap, and you have no idea how you did it! It began with the friendliness of the smile, the encouraging words, and the compassion extended. Someone brought you closer to love. Someone you were meant to meet, destined to know, on this spectrum, this thing called life. You are changed. YOU are never the same.

This post is dedicated to my father, Yacoub Hermez.


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