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Not Without God Book Signing at Barnes & Noble Booksellers!

Tonight I would like to share some photos. These are just a few pictures from my Book Signing at Barnes & Noble last Sunday! Many friends showed up, and some brought their families too! I’m grateful to have such kind and caring friends. Some people that I had never met came just to hear me speak. After my speaking engagement, I gave a short Q and A at the end. Some stayed around and chatted and socialized. People got copies of my latest (my first!) book, Not Without God signed! I’ll never forget it! I had so much fun!

I remember going to Borders and Barnes & Noble book stores through college. Remember, Borders? Yeah. They went out of business. Thankfully, Barnes & Noble book stores have not! I’d meet friends and study there, or go alone to browse at the books in the aisles. I’d grab a cup of coffee or favorite drink at the time, and plant myself in the café reading and writing for hours. I still enjoy doing this. It’s great to have everything you want at the stroke of your fingertips: Amazon, eBay, and the wealth of knowledge we have on the Internet.

But there is something special about going to the book store–holding a book, flipping through the pages, sipping on hot chocolate, learning new things, and meeting friends! I had a feeling I would be here. What do I mean? I knew my words would be mixed in with all the others, pages, chapters, and books. Here I am. It’s what I knew I would do! It’s fascinating! I look forward to more speaking engagements, more signings, and more friends!

  1. pjwenzell
    January 9, 2015 at 4:33 pm

    Great turnout on a cold evening! Congrats! It is so nice to seeing you receiving the exposure and recognition that you have worked so hard to earn. Any plans for your next book?


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