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How I Found Peace

Have you ever felt a sense of peace while turning the pages of a story about your life? This is what I’ve experienced. As I review my book, and the suffering I’ve encountered from a life-changing accident that left me paralyzed as a teen. I begin to feel a sense of peace.

I didn’t always feel this way.

Something that once welled up my eyes with tears. Tears that often hit the keyboard as I typed and recapped thoughts and memories—is now a source of healing for me. I can read over the story of my life, and feel good while doing it.

It’s amazing how God works.

To be cured is to be freed from a condition or disease. To be healed is to be made whole. Although I’m still dealing with present circumstances from my accident. I cannot walk without a cane or crutches. Yet, I still feel whole; complete.

How could this be?

I’ve been given a gift. I don’t mean the gift to teach, nor do I mean the gift to write. A gift that has brought me pain, rejection, and even loss that most people will never experience. But more importantly, a gift that has brought me closer to God. With every failure and with every defeat, I have come to know the Lord.

It still feels like a dream that I have finished my book, Not without God. It still feels dream-like that it will be available in bookstores on October 7. It is now available online and at http://zinahermez.com. I always had a desire to leave my mark, so to speak.

A desire to make a difference in the world. I never knew that desire would be fulfilled through a tragedy. The odds have been stacked up against me. The Bible says, “…for though the righteous fall seven times, they rise again” (Prov. 24:16). I am not perfect, but with each failure and with each lesson. I have gotten up!




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