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My article on Spinalcordinjuryzone.com

“Disability is a condition, it’s not who we are. Diagnosis is a prediction, it doesn’t have to determine our outcome.”

Has something catastrophic ever happened to you? Where your life changed in an instant? Did you wake up in a hospital bed, not knowing where you were, or how much time passed? It happened to me. I never thought I’d be hit by a car at sixteen years old, while crossing the street on my way to school. Nor did I think once I survived the accident, it would live with me every day for the rest of my life.

You can read my full article on Spinalcordinjuryzone.com Click here: http://www.spinalcordinjuryzone.com/info/11248/disability-is-a-condition-its-not-who-we-are-diagnosis-is-a-prediction-it-doesnt-have-to-determine-our-outcome


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